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Realizing this clarifies the meaning of the ode. We know that Keats read and reread Shakespeare intensively from mid-March , the plays primarily but also the sonnets Gittings His library included four collections of Shakespeare's works and two commentaries on them. His reading was not, after all, limited to the books in his library--he and his friends regularly lent one another books, and in November , two years before acquiring The Poetical Works, he was reading "Shakespeare's poems" in an unspecified edition Gittings There is every reason to assume that he read "The Phoenix and Turtle.

The finale of his ode is the primary indication that he read it, and it is a convincing indication. That Shakespeare is Keats's source ought to be clear to anyone familiar with the ode who reads "The Phoenix and Turtle"--a relatively short poem, only seventeen lines longer than Keats's ode.

Their relationship has not been noted in print prior to my earlier, abbreviated version of this essay in the TLS, probably owing to Shakespeare's poem being little taught because curricular emphasis is on the plays and sonnets and maybe because its allegorical correspondences are unknown Dilworth Shakespeare's poem laments the recent deaths of the Phoenix and a Turtledove.

No one knows for sure who or what these allegorical birds represent. For a long time the most popular guess was Elizabeth I and Essex, though they do not really fit. A recent, convincingly plausible suggestion is that the Phoenix and Turtle are the Catholic martyr Anne Line and her husband Finnis and Martin In his ode, the important thing is that the Phoenix and Turtle represent Beauty and Truth as spiritual or Platonic absolutes, a signification actually aided, when he wrote, by the allegorical birds eluding historical identification.

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Truth Beauty

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