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Better Essays words 2. Their choices and the resulting outcomes affect the company, the employees, and the stakeholders. Due to the high importance of their decisions, the process they use to reach them merits a close examination After all, we as human beings hold ourselves to be the masters of intelligence in the natural world since no other specie seems to exhibit the capability of thought and intelligence as demonstrated by human beings, the very term "homo sapiens" infers the ability to think.

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Critical thinking is asking the right questions about the information we are presented with on any given situation Essay on Importance of the Decision Making Concept:. Essay Preview.

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The Decision Making Of The Business Organization Essay examples - Introduction The decision making is the main ingredient of the business organization as every success or failure of the organization mainly depends upon the decisions made by the management of the company. Decision Support Systems Are Computer Technology Solutions Essay - Decision support systems are computer technology solutions that can be used to support complex decision making and problem solving.

The Importance of Ethical Decision Making Essay - Introduction Generally, ethics is defined as standards of performance that explains how human beings should opt to react during many circumstances in which they meet with friends, citizens, parents, teachers, children, professionals, and businesspeople among others. Essay about Business Research for Decision Making - Business Research for Decision Making The work of decision making involves choosing between issues that require attention, setting goals, designing suitable courses of action and choosing among several alternatives through the evaluation of each one of the alternatives.

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Summary: Essay discusses how facing important decisions in life can make one stronger as a person. Everybody may have different important decisions to make in their lives, and those decisions will always affect one's fate directly or indirectly. After a decision is made, no one can ever change the result, or blame others if something goes wrong. Therefore, we must have a clear mind and think thoroughly before making any decisions. Before engaging in this process, one should always ask questions such as: Is there a need for this book?

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Will it make a significant contribution to the literature? Would a special issue of a scholarly journal be a better outlet? A potential editor needs to take into account that, if it is done properly, organizing an edited book takes a lot of time and energy.

Editing an Essay Collection

It is not simply assembling a number of papers written by others. The second important decision to make is who will be invited to write the book chapters. Edited books have different origins, they may stem from an academic workshop or conference or they may be created from scratch. In either case, the authors of the book chapters play a key role.

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Finding reliable authors who will meet deadlines is also crucial here. Chasing outstanding chapters is sometimes one of the most painful activities in the context of doing an edited book. A third key decision is to decide what audience the edited collection will address. Academics usually write to other academics, but sometimes also to other publics.

It is important to know to whom one wishes to write and adapt the writing style to that audience.

Furthermore, even when you target other academics with an edited book, you need to decide which academic field or sub-field is the core audience. Writing for people who are specialized in your own field is not the same as writing for people working in other fields, even though the latter might be close to your own field.